The following are various interviews and articles related to the book generally from most recent to older.

Irish book launch (Nov 2020)

The Late Late Show

Full recording of launch

Alison O’Connor, Irish Examiner

Walk tall: youngest Collison brother scaled the greatest height –


Richard Curran’s interview with Tommy for RTÉ radio 1, The Business programme (Sept 2020).

Cerebral Palsy Foundation Facebook live with Tommy and I (Nov 2020)

Hendrik Habermann’s interview with Lily. Based in Germany, Hendrik is host of The Superdad Entrepreneur podcast channel. (Oct 2020).

Roger Brooks’s interview with Lily. Roger is host of the American Real podcast channel (Aug 2020).

Video of Lily and Tommy talking about the book, published by Gillette Children’s Healthcare Press for World CP day (Oct 2020).

Paul Gross’s interview with Lily for Cerebral Palsy Research Network (July 2020). Since publication of her book, Lily writes regularly for the Cerebral Palsy Research Network (CPRN) .

 US book launch (March 2020)

US launch of book and Gillette Children’s Healthcare Press



Access Press

Pioneer Press