Book Cover - Spastic Diplegia—Bilateral Cerebral Palsy

All proceeds go to physical disability research

Pure Grit

Stories of Remarkable People Living with Physical Disability

Written by
Lily Collison
Kara Buckley

Published by
Gillette Children’s Healthcare Press

Nineteen people from across the globe, ranging in age from twenty to seventy-plus, tell their stories of living and thriving in diverse fields – in sport, the arts, medicine, business and more. With refreshing frankness, they share their successes along with their struggles – grit is the one characteristic they all have in common. These are not stories of people overcoming disability – they’re stories of people accommodating disability while pursuing their dreams. Pure Grit shines a light on boundless possibility whatever the individual challenge.

You can read a sample of the book hereIt is available to order on Amazon UK, Amazon US, (and all Amazon marketplaces), ebook platforms or your local bookstore (ISBN 978-1952181030).